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"Make peace with the past.

Dismantle oppression in the present.

Change the future."


This quilt will represent the role white women play in dismantling white supremacy and building a culture of equity. The "back" of the quilt will be an homage to ancestors like Jessie Daniel Ames who have gone before us, courageously laying the foundation for our bold actions today. Aaron will complete this. The front of the quilt will be a collection of contributions from collaborators - each piece their response to the question, "What do you want your legacy of white womanhood to be?" And the quilt itself is an object that will live into the future, documenting the lineage of white women standing up for racial justice.

Collaborator Role:

  • create a quilt section encapsulating what you want your legacy of white womanhood to be. This could be a letter to your child, something representing your commitment to practicing antiracism, how you want white culture to transform, what you want whiteness to mean for future generations, a new concept or practice you cherish that you learned in your liberation journey, etc.

  • become part of a community of white women using art to talk about social change we are passionate about and explore ways to engage in antiracism work beyond conversation


  • each piece submitted should measure approximately 9 x 9 inches. If your idea or design feels too big for a 9 x 9 inch canvas, you can either create one piece that is up to 12 x 12 inches, or you can break up your content and submit more than one 9 x 9 inch piece.​​

  • you can use any fabric you would like for your piece. You may find more significance or meaning if you use a textile that has some connection to you, your family, your history, or your imagination of the future. For example, I have begun embroidering a placemat that belonged to my great-grandmother. I am really enjoying bringing new life and meaning to an old object and musing about the parallel of social norms changing over time. What is my great-grandmother's legacy and how will mine differ?

    • I have been collecting vintage handkerchiefs and can mail you a hanky if you like the idea of using something from the past to tell a story of your present and leave a legacy for future generations. Just reach out to me! Or, check out a local antique shop. Many of them sell vintage handkerchiefs for $1-5.​

  • you can use text or images. It can be a very clear message or an abstract representation. You may find the AIDS memorial quilt and their "How to make a panel" page helpful or inspiring when considering how to design and create your textile piece for this project. You can visit their website here.

  • don't be deterred if textiles or quilting aren't really your thing! You can create something digitally or on paper and I can work with you to transfer either a copy or the original onto fabric for the quilt. 


Project Timeline:

  • create your quilt "square(s)" anytime between now and December 2024

  • If you want me to transfer your design onto fabric, you must submit it to me by the end of October 2023

  • I will be piecing the quilt together for my MFA thesis exhibition, which will be in early May 2024

Quilting groups:

  • I will host monthly(ish) gatherings where we can get together and work on our quilt pieces. Location and dates TBD. These will most likely take place over the summer and fall of 2023

  • I will host a handful of virtual "quilt and shares" over Zoom for those who are not in the St. Louis area. 

Want to get involved? Email Aaron to plug in! 

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