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The Legacy Quilt Project

The Legacy Quilt Project is a creative collaboration that uplifts stories of white women from history who fought for racial equity.

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What is the Legacy Quilt Project?

The LQP is a quilt that tells the stories of white women resisting racism throughout history. Participants choose a portrait and creatively honor their woman's legacy. Using creativity and intuition, we explore how art can heal.


Who does the project honor?

The Legacy Quilt women fought to end slavery and, later, segregation. They gave lectures. They were Underground Railroad conductors. They fundraised for abolitionist newspapers and anti-slavery societies. They founded schools for students of all races. They were ordinary women doing extraordinary work.


How can I participate?

Anyone who is interested in the Legacy Quilt Project is more than welcome to create a portrait to be included in the quilt! Although the quilt features portraits of white women from history, you do not need to identify as a white woman to participate. To learn more and get involved, email


Meet founder Aaron McMullin

I am an artist and healer living and working on land historically cared for by the Osage, Kickapoo, Illini, and Cahokia, known today as St. Louis, MO. I am dedicated to nurturing collaboration, creativity, compassion, and connection through art and community.  

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Meet the LQP participants

The Legacy Quilt Project is not just about celebrating women from history. It is also about building connections with others who are committed to actualizing racial equity. Hear what participants have to say about their experience with the LQP!

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